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The world has so many countries. All of them try to make themselves prominent in the stock market, financial and economic sectors, and other fields of life. As per the current statistics, the strongest currencies in the world are ten in number. Surprisingly, the list includes the U.S. dollar, the British pound, and of course the euro.

1. Euro (EUR)

One euro can buy US$1.09. Regardless of the fact that this currency has seen many dysfunctional economic and political systems, Europe has still kept it at the stable level. The Euro, to date, is more expensive than the U.S. dollar. It has long remained one of the most expensive currencies on the planet.

2. British Pound (GBP)

One British pound can buy US$1.42. While the U.S. dollar has been gaining top positions on most of the list of powerful currencies, but the British pound is still dominating. It is really expensive than the American currency.

3. Omani Rial (OMR)

One Omani rial can buy US$2.60. The Middle East has been in a bind because of the collapses of the oil prices. Still the Omani rial is one of the most powerful and valuable currencies of the world. The barrels of oil are exports, giving the US dollar very tough competition.

4. Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

One Bahraini dinar can buy US$2.65. The Bahraini dinar is certainly the most expensive currency to date. It has tied to Saudi Arabia and the oil market of Bahrain is quite stable, making the country have the powerful currency and well-versed position in the stock market. The strategic importance of this country, on the other hand, cannot be ignored. It has given the Kingdom of Bahrain an outsized role when it comes to foreign affairs. You would certainly get lots of job positions in this country since it is where the doors of opportunities for the talented and skillful individuals remain open. Check top ten lists for more information.

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Hollywood Fringe Festival – The Most Celebrated Arts Festival in the West Los Angeles is the home to a lot of remarkable theatrical productions at such sites as Pantages Theater, the Geffen Playhouse, and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. On the other hand, the most exclusive scenes for theater is the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is celebrated yearly during the month of June. The History of Hollywood Fringe Festival The Hollywood Fringe Festival started in Edinburgh, Scotlang in 1947 when a particular group of performers and entertainers who unfortunately were not chosen for the Edinburgh International Festival decided to just build a stage outside the limitations of the city. The word spread so fast and sooner, there were a whole heap of stages that has been circiling around the town’s friend which gave rise to the names of these festive. The idea persisted to grow and at the present time, there are a lot of fringe celebrations on the east coast which includes the Minnesota Fringe, Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and New York International Fringe Festival. Facts About Fringe The Hollywood Fringe Festival or HFF was started by the current Executive Director Ben Hill in the year 2010. During the first number of years, the Hollywood Fringe Festival utilized more than 30 places for 186 various shows with about 800 performances and have sold 17000 tickets. And by 2013, the Hollywood Fringe Festival had inflated to 52 places in which there are 204 people who participated in the show with 1052 performances and 35000 tickets sold with more than 100 percent inflation in just 4 years.
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The 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival started at 7PM PT on May 29, 2014 with the advantage night at the renowned King Club located on the Hollywood Boulevard and features that cabaret-style samples of a couple of this year’s presentations as well as the come back of Bryan’s Bar and a tranquil public sale.
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The festival that will take place this year will feature the return of Fringe Central tent that will take place in the old post office building in their parking lot which is located across the 6455 Santa Monica Boulevard Complex. And the festival this year is composed of 287 people participating the show with 1466 performances at 55 places. Ben Hill, the present executive director had said this about the Hollywood Fringe Festival: “Since we began in 2010, we’ve been working year round to develop a fertile ground for artists to develop great works. Each June we provide a time and a place for the performing arts in Los Angeles. We really like our jobs.” If you were not able to attend of the Hollywood Fringe Festivals for the past couple of years you should try this year.

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Interesting Facts about Cairo Geniza Cairo Geniza is a collection of old manuscripts that were found in a synagogue’s storeroom, the Ben Ezra synagogue, in old Cairo. The manuscripts are an outline of 1000 years ranging from 870 CE to 19th century. It gives a historic account of the Jewish, North African and Middle Eastern people. In fact, it comprises of the most significant manuscripts in the world with its diverse medieval collections. The manuscripts are written in different languages among them being Hebrew Aramaic and Arabic. It is written in different material with the most common being paper and vellum although cloth and papyrus have also been used. Contents of the Cairo Geniza This significant relic is well known for articulating the Jewish religious account with the most common biblical writings, Talmudic and Rabbinic writings being seen. On top of this is an account of the Eastern Mediterranean and North African economic and cultural lifestyles dating from the 10th century to the 13th century.
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This account is dispersed in a number of universities across the world including Manchester and Cambridge universities. There were additional manuscript findings in Basatin cemetery located east of Old Cairo.
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How the Cairo Geniza was discovered A European by the name Simon Van Gelderen first noted the collection when he visited Ben Ezra Synagogue in either 1752 or 1753. A scholar known as Jacob Saphir later visited the synagogue in 1864 during his travels where he explored the fragments in two days. He may not have noted any item of importance but he reported that something significant could be contained in the store. Later in 1896 two sisters, Scottish twins called Agness Lewis and Margaret Gibson carried with them a few fragments from the Geniza and brought them to Solomon Schechter in Cambridge to investigate the pieces of interest. Solomon Schechter realized the significance of the material and made a journey out to Egypt to investigate further. With the assistance of the chief Rabbi he was able to remove the greater percentage of the Cairo Geniza from its chamber. This explain why the greater percentage of the fragments are now archived in various world universities today. The significant fragments are used in different studies including theology.

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Get to Know the Hollywood Fringe Festival Los Angeles is indeed a city that is home to lots of awesome theater productions just like The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Geffen Playhouse, and the Pantages Theatre. One must also know that one of the venues that surely stands out from the rest is the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is held every June. History of the Fringe
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Get to know that the Fringe Festival phenomenon started in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland when a handful of performers who were not selected for the International Festival that is held inside Edinburgh have decided to create a stage outside of the city.
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It is with this that the word of it had spread and had lead to lots of stages that were circling the town’s fringe, giving way to the rise of various festivals. Because of the growing idea, the world that we are living in now has fringe festivals around the world and across America. You should know that the New York International Fringe Festival, the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Minnesota Fringe, are just some of the popular fringe festivals that are located in the East Coast. Facts about the Fringe The Hollywood Fringe Festival is started by executive director, Ben Hill, in 2010. During its first year, the festival had already used more than 30 venues for 186 distinct shows with 800 performances, and had sold around 17,000 tickets. On the year 2013, this had expanded greatly to a topping 52 venues where 204 participant shows and 1,053 performances resulted in 35,000 tickets being sold, which was a very big increase if you were to look at its trend in the last four years. Some of the events that it has is a benefit night at the legendary King King club on Hollywood Boulevard and features a kind of like a cabaret style them to it with the return of the Bryan’s Bar. Also, the Fringe Central tent in the parking lot of the old post office building across the street will also have a great come back to this festival. There will be over 287 participant shows and 1,466 performances at 55 venues, which is why you need to be up and running for this grandeur festival. Venues in the Fringe The Elephant Space and The Lab, Complex Theatres, Theatre of NOTE, and the Lounge Theatre, are just some of the most famous venues that will be in the festival. You also have the freedom to go into the other venues such as the Hudson Theatre, the Lex Theatre, the Met Theatre, and the Underground Theatre. Tickets are very much available online or may be purchased is there is still space available at the door. Most probably, there will be a sell out of the tickets which is why it is recommend that you purchase tickets in advance to ensure yourself a seat.

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The Guide to Learning More about the Fringe Festival The festival that is held every year and is composed of aspiring artists and seasoned performers is none other than the Fringe Festival. These are the kinds of people that are excited to be able to occupy the streets so that they may show what they are able to do. The talents such as the fire eating, comedy, break dancing and body popping are in fact only some of the many talents that you will be seeing. There is actually only a minor difference with the Fringe Festival and the other festivals and that is the gate crashing and invitations. The only artists that were allowed to perform in the Fringe Festival in the year 1947 were the ones that had official invitations. However, you should know that this is still what is being applied in today’s time. Furthermore, there has been changes already and that is by making a peaceful protest. What this means is that there were seven theaters that opened up to be able to play for the public. The desire to be able to share the message and abilities of the artists to their fellow countrymen is the reason why this protest happened.
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This is as a matter of fact the reason as to why the Fringe Festival is popular and unique. The passion that you see in the huge crowds and performing artists is as a matter of fact the embodiment of the essence of performing arts. This is the manner as to how the artists are able to express what they would want.
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There was even a time wherein there was a competition with the Fringe Festival and the other official festivals of the country. The officials of the city found the Fringe Festival to be something that is a side show. Even though the Fringe Festival was able to attract a lot of positive publicity and a huge crowd, the officials of the city still did not consider this. Furthermore, what came into existence was the Fringe Festival Society and its aim was to be able to provide an element of organization to the festival that was slowly expanding. What the society has been able to produce with this is none other than the official guides. To be able to ensure that the visitors will have a good time at the Fringe Festival is the reason why the official guides came into existence. The Fringe Festival has become so popular that by just the year 80s there were already 500 theater companies that attended each year. Actually it is because of this reason that the Fringe Festival has been called as the largest arts festival held ever in the world. A great achievement – this is what the festival is. The audience as a matter of fact is not limited to the people in the city but it has visitors all over the world.